Hedgehog decline

10th February 2018
It's been revealed that sadly, our woodland friend the humble hedgehog is under threat. In rural areas, their population has halved since 2000 and in towns and cities, numbers have fallen by a third. So they need our help and with some very small changes in our gardens we can all do something. A simple thing is a hedgehog highway to allow access from garden to garden is just a small hole in your fence the size of a cd case if that is all you do it will help, or you could just leave a small patch in your garden to go wild they love to forage in long grass were they feel save, grow some wild flowers in with the grass it will look good and help bees and butterflies as well. If you have the room a log pile is a great help it will encourage insects a food source for birds and hedgehogs if you make it so they can get under the pile yet another safe place to hide and sleep during the day. In a quiet corner you could provide a house you can get them at most garden centres on the internet and from Hetties or you can make one yourself, put in nice dry bedding and who knows come baby season a mum could choose your garden to have her litter and you could be privileged and see when mum brings them out for the first time.
Then that just leaves food and water. Some meat based cat food in jelly or cat biscuit will keep your visiting hedgehog happy or you can buy hedgehog food we buy ours from a company called Ark WildLife (There is a link on our donations page). To save you from feeding the local cats you can use feeding station you can see how to make one on our site in News under feeding station. Then some clean fresh water that is important for all wildlife. If you can get your neighbours to keep just the highway open that will make huge difference. Just small changes from us huge help for them.

Our feeding station and log pile.